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Sep 12, 2017

Episode 2 features special guest Sean Healy, owner of Sean Healy Presents, one of the largest independent concert promotions companies in the country.  SHP operates out of Los Angeles, and the company promotes shows all over the west coast, as well as Chicago, NYC, and more. Healy has also been a controversial figure, due to his use of the pay to play method, or as he prefers to call it "pre-sale tickets". 
We discuss why Sean’s business model works for him, and he names 5 superstar artists that have sold tickets as part of a Sean Healy Presents show. Sean also tells us about the times he passed on Kanye West’s release party and a Lady Gaga show early in her career. This is a beneficial episode for any entrepreneur, artist, promoter, or anyone looking to build a successful company. Healy doesn’t duck any questions, and answers each question with honesty and thoughtfulness.  Enjoy. 
Show Notes: 
21:19 How George Clinton got Sean Healy into booking hip-hop
24:31 How honesty helped set Sean apart as a promoter
26:59 When Sean passed on Kanye’s College Dropout release party and Lady Gaga early in her career
33:56 The importance of being professional as a young artist
34:45 How Sean’s Pay to Play Model has evolved
42:19 Five artists who sold their own tickets on Sean Healy Presents shows and went on to become superstars
46:02 Routines that Help Sean Begin Each Day
1:02:51 If Sean had a $1000 promotional budget for a show, this is what he would spend it on